JPay Transaction History


To assess JPay transaction history for your own money move is straightforward, simply stick to a simple guide below.

  1. Inch. Proceed into then click the Send Money menu.


2. Then choose Transfer History

The recent statement of your transfer is at the item row of transport history list which you could click.

Each completed transaction, JPay consistently gives you a special number inform “Transaction ID (Confirmation number)”. Make sure you store it for future purposes.

You can request all documents regarding each of trades to this business by sending ask to JPay email:

NOTE: This case is extremely infrequent, but when you receive a message “Your transaction will be processed later” it means the Payment process or is experiencing a little problem making it challenging to get in touch with your credit card. If this happens, please wait for a while before machine successfully debiting this particular payment or if you directly contact with the JPay Customer support, found here. Remember! Do not make the next payment so that the charge card isn’t charged twice.

How You Can Cancel Transaction

In the event you would like to cancel the transaction for any cause, please find the “Cancel” button at the “Transanction History” menu, but if there’s no cancel button usually means that money can’t be pinpointed as the status has been successfully transfered to the inmate account.

Anything else you’re able to look on the FAQ here. Please use the ‘search’ center / HELP good as possible. It is my hope that this helps.