JPay Money Orders


There are several ways you may employ to send money to an inmate. But when you would like the transaction to be more safe, JPay Money Orders could be the method that is ideal. Earning money for the feature of this specific JPay is straightforward and you can be sure that the inmate is going to receive the cash. Here’s the step by step guide to send money.

How to Send Cash with JPay Money Exchanges

  1. Fill in the cashier’s check or the money order with the ideal information.
  2. Proceed to to obtain the JPay Deposit Form. Make sure before downloading to pick their state of your inmate’s jail properly.
  3. Fill out the JPay Deposit Slip properly with clear handwriting. You have to be aware of the inmate’s complete name and the inmate number to send money. Do not forget to compose valid email and mailing address. Your money order won’t be processed.
  4. Put the cashier’s check or money order and JPay Deposit Slip together within an envelope and mail it into the address written in the Deposit Type you downloaded earlier in the day.

Essential Notes

Sending money to inmates with JPay Money Orders is secure and simple. But, there are a number of things you must pay attention to make sure that the money order can be processed.

  1. The most quantity that can be transmitted through JPay Money Orders is different in each state. By way of instance, at Ohio the most total is $200 whilst in Pennsylvania you may send as much as $999.99. Make certain to look closely at the amount.
  2. In certain states, such as Ohio, you are expected to be to the inmate’s approved visiting list to send a money order.

If you obey the rules and fill out of the information accurately, your money order will definitely be sent to a inmate.