JPay Michigan Department of Corrections


Michigan Department of Corrections has 3-4 correctional centers. You can utilize JPay services to keep in touch using them, if your loved ones is an inmate in a few of the facilities. JPay services offered in each Department of Correction are all different.

Michigan DOC has three types of providers: Email Send Currency and Outbound Email. Each and every service’s use is as follows.


Send Currency

Your inmate definitely needs a little cash. You also wish to make sure that the amount of money is received well and if you would like to send some money to your loved ones, JPay is the optimal solution. JPay offers a number of convenient and easy methods for sending money. You can use debit or credit card into send the cash via JPay online platform or send a money order via JPay Money Order Lock Box.


Your inmate will want what’s happening outside the prison walls and to hear your news. Sending a contact is the best solution to update your own loved ones. The most useful advantage of working with JPay assistance is its own speed. Your inmate can get your correspondence under 48 hours which is definitely much faster compared to the ordinary snail mail. To send a contact, you’ll want to buy JPay stamps first. The fee to get $20 stamps is only $5.00. That is very affordable when compared with the conventional postage, specially in the event that your home is miles apart from the family member’s correctional facility.

Outbound Mail

With this service, your nearest and dearest will not be able to read your email, however they can also send straight back an email to you. This is quite a privilege because out bound email is not accessible most DOC. To send you a message personally, your inmate must also purchase the postage which they may buy at JPay Kiosk available at the correctional facility.