JPay Marin County Jail


Marin County Jail is located in 1-3 Peter Behr Dr. San Rafael, California. Service can be for sale in this facility and it’ll allow you to stay in touch with your inmate. This prison lets two types of JPay service and there is one JPay Lobby Kiosk here which can be properly used by the inmates to learn mails. The JPay services available within this correctional centre are as follows.

Send Currency


Send Money is among the most important JPay services plus it’s available in most DOC while in the united states. With the way you find convenient, you may send money for a inmate with this service. There are 4 techniques that you could use to send money to a inmate. Usually, the cash will be received by your inmate the day after.

It’s possible to move the money with debit or credit card via JPay on the web, JPay Mobile and toll-free phone. Moreover, you can also easily wire your money via JPay Money Orders feature. The more income you send, greater the rate will probably be. If you want to send money in Marin County Jail to your loved ones, take be aware that the maximum amount allowed is 300.00


Your inmate will not want your hard earned money. They will also desire to learn how your life is going out. Some straightforward and short news may make them happy. Thus, make certain that you always make sure you write to them. Thanks to JPay, you can certainly send them a message and they will receive your email within two days. You will have to purchase JPay postage to be able to send the email. So they can not email you back out bound Email service is not accessible this prison. But when you write your snailmail address on the email, then your inmate will write back to you via stamp.