JPay Forgot User ID


You are required to register and then create an account, to-use JPay features. You want to keep in mind–if you need to, or write down–the current email address and password you entered when enrolling. That is important as you will need both of these to login to your accounts and begin sending email or money to get your inmate.

Some times life can be so complicated that you begin to forget some important things on your life, together with your JPay User ID. In case it happens to you, you shouldn’t be panic as it’s possible to recover it easily.


  1. Go to
  2. You will have to enter your phone number that you place on JPay account.
  3. If you entered your phone number correctly, you will be re directed to the next page where you need to answer a security question which you have place before.
  4. If you haven’t set your security question, the machine will require additional private information to confirm your identity.

Now that you could access your accounts again, when you will need touse the JPay capabilities, so that you never locate any difficulties, please continue to a user ID and password. If you believe your address is tricky to remember, you can make the simpler and new one and place it as your JPay user ID. If you would like to alter this is how you do that.

After logging in, go into My Account.

Click Mail Preference

Input your new email twice, click update along with your JPay User ID has successfully changed.

After logging in, you can start sending money, email videogram, buy phone time and even schedule video shredding. The features will be different, although jPay offers features to communicate with your inmate.