Send Money


Send money is easy steps with techniques.

Via internet platform on


Through the official website, you certainly can certainly do the ship money for offenders. Let us begin to see the instruction here.

If you want to set up routine payments mechanically activatie their obligations system

Via telephone call

JPay inmate cash sending via JPay phone number: 1-800-574-5729 is also served by them


MoneyGram agents are distributed across the countries you can certainly do it faster, easier and safer. Watch here.

Money Order

You can send money to a inmate using a cashier’s check (money purchase), first you’ll need download the JPay voucher

Ensure to most of the forms filled in properly, according to the inmate centre that was intended.

Note: In Indiana has law, namely currency order can be accepted only to inmate’s approved visitor list.

Lobby kiosks

Sending money here effortless, lobby kiosks can be found by you in place there is a inmate facility situated.