JPay California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation


You will be informed by now’s article about send money into inmate through JPay California Department of Rehabilitation & Corrections.

Just how many ways are feasible for me to send dollars?


You’re able to choose lock-box. This can be a completely free service having a brief hold period for you to send money via personal check, money order, or cashier check.

You can select Electronic Funds Transfer or EFT. It’s it’s the choice for one to opt to move money also a service. It requires three days approximately.

It’s possible to choose email funds. It’s a method to send money. It is a support that is completely free. All but funds are exposed maximum 30-days hold.

Which will be the reasons why send dollars?

  1. For private use

Can be properly used on his or her own usage and for charges.

  1. To get restitution payment

The money may be utilised to restitute fine or order. The arrangement is regarding the parolee. In this, paroles and his or her agent for your own instruction collaborate. In the event the cash is right for inmate, then she or he should speak to the counselor. Attach restitution nice or the purchase info, in making a payment. Do not neglect to write an email for the sum of money that is surplus. It’ll soon be supplied to the inmate or it may be reimbursed to the sender of their money.

  1. For household visiting

Be certain that you get hold of the institution of Family Seeing Office, before sending the cash for this sort of purpose. Money for family cannot be routed through Electronic Funds Transfer or EFT.

If you would like to start looking for detail information regarding JPay California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation, then you may see the state site here.