JPay Buy Stamps


This JPay buy stamps guide will help inmates and their kin find cheaper and easier way to find JPay stamps. Postage is the means to use some of the services of JPay, notably those related to JPay’s email program. As constant communication with the inmates is your support which the offenders’ family can contribute to them, knowing the way to acquire this postage is a wonderful benefit for both the offenders and their family.

JPay has indeed helped offenders along with their family members and friends enjoy a easier and better way to associate, to interact, to communicate, and also also to share things. Because of JPay’s services, families may send funds with their own nearest and dearest from prison, send mails, and play video visitation. JPay provides a pill that is designed to inmates. With the tablet computers, they are able to benefit from access to most JPay’s service features, to get into library and learning stuff in order that they could prevent themselves from being recidivists after they leave the prison, or even simply to kill their time. In summary, JPay has supplied inmates and their loved ones from the hardship of living in a correctional centre.


To fully grasp how JPay stamps work and ways exactly to receive them easily and cheaply, you want to find out first what JPay is, what type of service it offers, how its virtual postage works, just how far does JPay stamps cost, and where to locate JPay stamps. These problems will likely be addressed within this article at a way that is brief yet comprehensive.

About JPay

JPay is a private organization that offers services for inmates of correctional facilities around the nation. The business was founded in 2002 by Ryan Saphiro and for a long time has been known to ease inmates’ money transfer and parole and probation payments. JPay is for allowing inmates to stay informed about the technology famous particularly. JPay released its JP3 mp3player that inmates could use for entertainment. The second version of this device was a tablet computer that featured complete tablet functionalities and thoroughly secure computer software environment system that made it suitable for prison use. JPay was developing two upgraded versions of its own pillcomputers –JP5 and JP5mini–as replacements to the older version. With consent, offenders can use the tablet to enjoy access to the majority of JPay services if available. It is important to know that JPay stamps is important as a way to make use of some features which the tablet computer offers.

Services Provided by JPay

JPay is now providing services in five distinct areas: money transportation systemvisitation, media purchase, and also education. Every one of the services is to be explained below.

  1. Money transfer

JPay was recognized to simplify that the money transfer process whereby inmates’ family send them cash in order to allow them to make use of it inside the centre.

  1. E Mailing system

JPay has created a secure and dependable emailing system that enables families to join and communicate using their incarcerated family members independently. This is where JPay buy stamps strategy will become necessary as inmates and friends and their family need to use JPay’s virtual postage for this sort of communication to occur.

  1. Video visitation

JPay additionally empowers family members to visit their incarcerated loved ones electronically using the video shredding service of JPay, thereby bypassing the complicated procedure of a physiological trip.

  1. Media purchase

JPay has supplied a pill to inmates that they can use whilst but a portion of its content is sold separately. Inmates who want to appreciate music, play certain games, or access certain content that is digital need to purchase them.

  1. Education

Education is going to be helpful for inmates because if they are finally out, well educated inmates will discover a much better place and can less likely become recidivists. With its tablet computer high quality learning materials have been provided by JPay to inmates, including a extensive library of eBooks source of videos K A Lite, the program JPay’s Lantern, and educational games.

Besides providing the services, JPay additionally delivers a simplified platform for offenders to make payments for probation, parole, courts, community correction obligations, etc.. Of most of the services, emailing system is the one which demands JPay stamps, which is bought either online or by JPay kiosks in the facilities.

Just How Can JPay Mail System Works?

More specific information on the way JPay email system works vary by facilities since each facility has its own unique mailing regulations and rules. Generally speaking, JPay system enables families to send their email, with their nearest and dearest from the prison, together with attachments. This method is only a bit different from routine emailing system as offenders mostly don’t have use of internet while indoors. Family members or friends who would like to send their email to their incarcerated family members will need to install JPay accounts, use a personal computer with internet connection to access the account, buy JPay stamps, access JPay’s email feature by clicking on email tab, then write the email and also insert attachments whenever needed, and send it. The access to email service varies by facilities. In the event that you cannot see email tab into your accounts, you can find several potential reasons for this: first, the correctional centre where your loved one is incarcerated doesn’t offer email service; instant, your loved one was transferred to another centre; next, your loved one is not currently permitted by the facility to obtain email; or second, you’ve selected the wrong inmate when creating your accounts. Relatives and friends are always able to consult with JPay if they suspect that not one of those four reasons cause the lack of feature within their account.

The email is forecast to hit both between 24 and 48 hours after it’s sent as offenders don’t have access to internet. If they already have a JPay tablet, they are able to read and write mails together with the tablet. If they don’t, the email can be received by them through JPay’s kiosk in their correctional centre. The email and any attached files will be published on newspaper until they are able to receive it. Currently, only images with PNG, JPG and GIF formats can be delivered as attachments. JPay will send notification to the sender when offenders have obtained the email address. Inmates can reply the email that they receive. They’re able to accomplish this by submitting the subscribing or by using their pillcomputer, which will channel the response. When their incarcerated family members send a response families or friends with JPay account may even be notified.

This may be the general picture of how JPay trapping system functions. Again, this mechanism may vary by rules and facilities and regulation that a centre pertains to its own mailing system may also employ to JPay system.

What’s JPay Stamp?

When you try to figure out how it works and by what JPay stamp is, only think as both types of stamp work exactly the same. Stamps allow sender to send email together with attachments to JPay therefore that the business can redirect it to the facility where the receiver is currently incarcerated.

The coverage of a postage is limited, although limitation is far from being overly controlling. With a postage a limit as being a email is equal to 6 sheets of letter. One additional stamp is required for each comprised attachment if attachment is included within the email.

The Way To Get JPay Stamps?

There are lots of ways. By purchasing them you get stamps. It’s also feasible for JPay accounts holders to acquire quote that are monthly as an integral component of the promotional effort of JPay. Families and friends may also utilize JPay postage transferfeature without having to acquire stamps, that the offenders to whom the email is delivered can send their reply. We will talk below.

  1. Buying JPay stamps

Ordinarily, to find JPay stamps, you want to get them. The cost of JPay stamps varies from states and facilities, however it usually ranges from $0.4 to $0.5 for a postage. When buying JPay stamps, you don’t buy them per bit, however also in discount and bulk is available if you buy 50 or even 20 postage cubes. You can assess out the Pricing & Availability page on the website of JPay to find additional details about the most up-to-date pricing policy of JPay. Inmates who should buy stamps can have them out of their inmate trust account.

  1. Getting Estimates that are free for JPay

A few JPay users have reported it who stamps are offered for promotional intent. Some families have testified that JPay provide 10 complimentary stamps on a monthly basis to them that they may utilize without needing to pay for off. JPay also carries competitions in which postage that is complimentary is given as one of those prizes out. At 2013, for instance JPay organized a video teaser competition that grants 5 JPay stamps into the winner of this prize. Stay updated with the promotion to master more about any events at which complimentary stamps are available as give aways of JPay.

  1. Sending inmates JPay stamps

By purchasing them from their inmate trust accounts inmates can normally get stampsit is potential for inmates to work with stamps that they do not personally buy. If their family members or friends send them additional postage when sending the email, they can reply the email and don’t need to get a postage. How do you send stamps on JPay? You’ll be able to purchase additional stamp in the event you don’t want your incarcerated loved anyone to possess problem getting stamp. This allows your loved one with no to obtain a stamp to answer your email.

Will There Be an Expiration Date for JPay Stamps?

At the past, JPay offered two types of stamp: cheaper stamps that had expiry date and also more expensive “forever” stamps without expiry date. JPay believes that this marketing decision causes dilemma among JPay clients. For this reason, lately, JPay has chosen to make all of its own stamps “forever” stamps. Any stamps that you buy out of JPay from today on won’t need expiration date.

How Can You Assess Your Stamp Purchase History?

If you believe it is critical to re arrange your JPay postage purchases, you can readily get details regarding stamp purchase history right following your JPay log in. To access this information, you need to click the “Purchase History” under the e messaging tab. You are able to check the list of purchases that you have made there. Another way is by contacting JPay using customer contact form available on the website of JPay.


With no trouble, it is possible to stay connected to your family member with JPay stamps. You can send emails and photos and continue to give support. Even though JPay stamps make e mailing activity, that is supposed to be free of charge, marginally costly, the requirement to get stamps is deemed reasonable given the simple fact of how complicated messaging system in correctional facilities would be. So if JPay requires you to get stamps you actually pay just a little for something that’s deemed ideal for the family member.

This JPay email and website buying stamps guide tells you regarding how exactly JPay email system works, how stamps are used in the device, the way to get those stamps, and also how to create those stamps work. What this report clarifies teaches you that the picture of JPay stamps. More special details about their accessibility and how they work still subject to JPay’s policies that will vary as well as the rules and regulation preserved by the facilities where JPay provides its own services. Consequently, when you do JPay sign up, make sure you check JPay’s coverages and updated information regarding its services so that it is possible to find more accurate info regarding JPay’s email system and also stamps.