JP5s and JP5mini, JPay Tablet for Inmates


JPay company providing the hottest tablets: JP5s and JP5mini especially for offenders in the United States in order that they could stay associated with the outside world and that is 1 method to relieve stress.

The tablets sold cheaply and has class features. However, JP5 tablets perhaps not sold from the international sector. And it needs official consent.


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The pill is equipped with educational and entertainment applications which may be played with the offenders.

Pill was spread to more than two thousand inmates.

JP5mini tablet features comprises 4.3-inch display, quad-core chip and it has 16GB of internal storage. As for JP5s has screen with 32GB of internal storage. Os based on Linux can be installed.

Furthermore it may be used to keep in touch with the world outside the prison, JP5mini can be used to play video and music , video chat and a whole lot more. JP5 tablets supplies a battery life of 12 hours for video play back or up to 35 hours of music playback.

Designed especially for inmates, JP5 pills includes a human body. Later falling from the height of 9 meters, jP5 pills designed resilient and has been analyzed to survive.

Ryan Shapiro since JPay CEO said a way of smuggling prohibited items and that JP5mini designed so it will not be applied like a weapon.

Tablet price only $70. All offenders must obtain consent by the prison warden. Also to steer clear of things which are not desired as goods trade, the wardens will run regular surveillance .

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