How Much does it Cost to Send Money Through JPay


JPay for JPay provides some services. One of the services is money transport. Money that is moved by the family or friends of offenders enables you to match the offenders’ needs during in the prison. Just how much does it cost to send money?

We will share it. To create people simple to transfer money JPay has 5 means of moving money.

  1. On the Web payment. You are able to send money for a own offender via
  2. On the telephone. It’s possible to transfer money via telephone.
  3. MoneyGram. If you would like to transfer money money, then you can utilize MoneyGram. Wilmart, 711- and – CVS Pharmacy will be the establishments that have MoneyGram services. You’re going to want the range of inmate’s correctional ID, last name and receive facility or code name to use MoneyGram.
  4. Money Order. In the countries, you are able to transfer money with the money order service of JPay. To put it simply, you’ll be required money order voucher of JPay, and a cashier’s check or a money order. It is possible to download the voucher in the web site of JPay.
  5. Yet another option of transferring money is via Lobby Kiosk. You are able to use a credit card in the reception kiosk but you’ve got to check if a reception kiosk is or perhaps not at the location of your inmate. To learn that, you’re able to register JPay’s website exactly from the Pricing and Access page.

How much does it cost to send money through JPay?The cost are based on the method of payment and also the centre or agency that is used. As an instance, the price of internet payments via the website of JPay that’s is likely to be lower than doing obligations through calling the live service agent of JPay. To find out more concerning the purchase price of services, you also can get and click on Access and Pricing web page. Click Rates to know about transfer money’s fee.

Remember it to send money to offenders or your offenders, you must have a merchant accounts at JPay’s site. To make an accounts is simple and of course. You merely have to fill out the state and also the ID of your inmates. After clicking Next, you choose the inmate. Filling also and your email your password.

You can make sure that your inmates or criminals may get the funds that they want. The procedure for sending money is fast and secure. You even could make this trade from your home using computer, notebook computer, or telephone number. You will be permitted to ship money and there are recurring payments.

Thus, in case you will need a program which may be employed to move money that’s secure, fast and trusted, simply visit Just how much does it cost to send money through JPay? It’s competitive. As mentioned above, it can be checked by you via Pricing and Availability page.