7 Cool Facts of JP5mini Tablet for Prison Inmates


Prison industry within the USA has made remarkable progress in tech side, for example with JPay Tablet for offenders. Expected plenty of constructive changes in every prison atmosphere.


JPay has launched JP5mini tablet computer with 4.3″ of display, supports wireless, yet contained program shop within it.

JP5mini is extremely good (resilient) even in the event that you kick it, tossed into the floor and then flush water, then it stay turn on.

The tablet is made of translucent plastic material to prevent the smuggling some thing inside gadget.

On full charged of battery lifetime is 35 hours playing music and 12 hours for video game with.

The tablet price around $70 with attractive design and easy to use both for offenders and prison officials.

Each message sent will be assessed first by the government and when approved subsequently directly delivered. You’re able to read article about JPay Mail.

JP5mini is the updated edition of JP4 which didn’t possess wireless centre.

Today with JPay pills, offenders from their prison could send e-cards, and mails with photo attachments with their own families or friends.

One smart remedy to combat recidivism due to using their isolation as before according to research by the Bureau of Justice Statistics.